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„From the eternal sea he rises / Creating armies on either shore / Turning man against his brother / Til man exists no more.“

„The Omen“


If you’re looking for the roots of evil, you have to crawl deep into the bowels of the early nineties. Into a mysterious, dangerous, enchanted time when a beast called Black Metal stirred and slowly rose from the gnarled, boggy roots of the underground. With it, a creature emerges from the shadows that is to leave its mark on the German music world for decades to come: Mystic Circle. Founded in 1992 by A. Blackwar and Beelzebub, this band is one of the earliest representatives of German black metal.

A first 6-song rehearsal tape is recorded in the same year, but gets lost in unfathomable ways. Perhaps the world is not yet ready for the occult gospel of Mystic Circle. In 1994, it has to be: The demo „Dark Passion“ is released, a mixture of raw, satanic death metal and melodic black metal. The dawn of a new era. In 1995 the legendary second demo tape „Von Kriegern und Helden“ („Of Warriors and Heroes“) was released, the cornerstone of the work of one of the most important and influential bands in the German scene. And to this day a milestone of underground culture.

Mystic Circle had 1000 copies of the tape made – and sold them out overnight. Their name spreads like wildfire, the deal with Last Epitaph/Episode is more of a formality. A third demo, „Die Götter der Urväter“ („Gods of the Ancestors“), spreads just as quickly in 1996, followed by the 7″ EP „Kriegsgötter“ („Gods of War“), which further boosts the band’s fierce reputation in the underground. In the same year, Beelzebub and A. Blackwar record their debut at Soundbunker Studio with producer Guido Holzmann: the grimly melodic album „Morgenröte – Der Schrei nach Finsternis“ („Dawn – A Desire for Darkness“). It is released in the freezing cold January 1997 and is understood by the band as a homage to the old films of Hammer Studios, to horror trademarks like werewolves or vampires. In the same year, Mystic Circle go on tour with Gorgoroth and play a concert with Dimmu Borgir. Before the end of the year, another 7″ EP is released, „Schwarze Magie“ („Black Magic“), which has long since become a collector’s item. The beast has awakened. And will not rest any longer.

The great triumph is imminent in 1998: Influenced by the Nibelungen saga, by films and books around this inestimably diverse theme, Mystic Circle write their second album. It stands to reason: the Nibelungen city of Worms is a stone’s throw away from the band’s home, and there had never been an exploration of the epic saga in a melodic black metal context before. So in 1998, with a new keyboarder as the third band member, the band went to Commusication Studio, where one of the best and most successful works of German black metal was created with Gerhard Magin: „Drachenblut“ turned Mystic Circle from an insider tip into a sensation. It was enthusiastically received by the press and even released in Japan. Finally, Mystic Circle belong to the Champions League of melodic black metal and are mentioned in the same breath as Cradle Of Filth, Dimmu Borgir or Old Man’s Child. A European tour with Marduk or gigs with Cannibal Corpse and Dark Funeral fit the bill.

In 1999, leaving dragons and Nibelungen behind, they go back to the cradle of horror: after a co-headlining tour with Old Man’s Child, they sink into a frenzy of vicious classics like „The Exorcist“ or „Omen“ and distil a monumental, malevolent, haunting black metal manifesto called „Infernal Satanic Verses“ from this diabolical, nasty foundation. On the bonus track, the Bathory cover „One Rode To Asa Bay“, icon Sarah Jezebel Deva does the honours as a guest vocalist, flanked by an ornate photo session and marketing campaign are similarly huge. For the latter, huge displays of a witch hammer are positioned in record shops, props which are nowadays only known from cinemas. An acclaimed festival appearance at the 10th Wacken Open Air and another European tour culminate in the release of the mini-album „Kriegsgötter II“ („Gods of War II“), on which Mystic Circle pay homage to their heroes in the form of symphonic cover versions. Another groundbreaking year for the band.

The new millennium starts with a bang too: Big European tours with Limbonic Art and Cannibal Corpse also take the band to Great Britain and Ireland, they play the Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig and share the stage with Iron Maiden. Their change from Last Episode to Massacre Records produces the album „The Great Beast“ as the first fruit of the new collaboration, a strikingly midtempo-heavy record with heavy use of keyboards. By now, it was a matter of honour for them that they toured as mich as they could for the fourth record: Once again, they’re going on a caper with Marduk, do the No Mercy festivals and another tour with Ancient Rites.

The next items on the bucket list can be ticked off in 2002: A gig at the Summer Breeze Festival, a tour with Deicide and, with studio album „Damien“, their return to fast, vicious melodic black metal. This is well received overseas: at the end of 2003, the band even plays with it in Australia and quickly follows it up with the groovy „Open The Gates Of Hell“. It is the sixth album in seven years. For a while, the band can ferociously focus on their second core competence – possessed live rituals. In 2004 and 2005 they go on tour with Kataklysm, Marduk and Deicide, and Mystic Circle travel to festivals like With Full Force and Wacken. For the first time, shows in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark are also on the agenda. Before the end of 2005, the band has ripped through 300 live shows. The tempo is high, but alas: hell waits for no man.

Another label change to Dockyard 1 produces the album „The Bloody Path Of God“ in 2006. It is a departure from the previous sound, showing Mystic Circle as experimental as never before. A first concert tour to South America forged bonds that have lasted until today. Despite all the success, the journey ends after another tour with Malevolent Creation: the band breaks up in 2008. Fortunately only for the time being, as we know today.

Because evil cannot die. It only rests. Waits. Is getting ready for its return to our nightmares. That’s exactly what happens in 2020. Beelzebub and A. Blackwar reunite and celebrate all the virtues that made them so successful over 20 years earlier on their self-titled comeback: The guitar melodies from the „Dark Passion“ demo, the guitar wall and blast beats from the 1995/1996 demos, the horror intros from the „Morgenröte“ album, the keyboards from the „Drachenblut“ album and the horror and classical elements from „Infernal Satanic Verses“. And the amazing thing: This mixture not only works out; it makes for one of the best records of their entire career. This doesn’t go unnoticed for long: in 2021, the re-energised duo signs with Atomic Fire Records and wows press and listeners alike.

That the band means business is also proven by the first video clips ever produced. The reward is the first chart placement in the band’s groundbreaking history – and the release of the album in South America and Asia. In spring 2023, the next hit will be released with „Erzdämon“. It is the ultimate proof that the comeback success was not a one-off. It’s even a step up in terms of drama and impact, also embellished by incredible artwork penned by Rafael Tavares. This time, long-time friend and partner Markus Wosgien releases the album directly on his label Fireflash Records. Real underground contacts last a lifetime, you know. Also in 2023, the classics „Drachenblut“ and „Infernal Satanic Verses“ will be pressed on gatefold vinyl. Evil is always in fashion. And to this day, Mystic Circle are one of its most loyal ambassadors.

„written by Björn Springorum on Halloween 2023“


1992-1999 & 2020-...

Founding & current member


Songwriter, Layouts, Video-Concepts & Music-Producer.

Jesus Wept Production
Satan´s Wrath Production
White Shark Studio

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1992-2007 & 2020- ...

Founding & current member


Songwriter & Music-Producer.

Administrator: Facebook / Instagram / YouTube-Canal



Past members:
Thorsten Schenke: Guitar (1992-1993)
Dirk Meisner: Guitar (1992-1993)
Mephisto (Mark Foltz): Guitar (1994-1997)
Agamidion (Thorsten“Smog“Aschenbrenner): Guitar (1994-1997)
Baalsulgor: Keyboard (1997-2002)
Internos: Guitar (1997-1999)
Ezpharess: Guitar & Keyboards (1998-2008)
Xeron: Guitar (1999 Live)
Maschtl Innerbichler: Drums (2000 Live)
Raziel: Drums (2000-2001)
Abyss (Marc Reign): Drums (2001 Live)
Blizzard: Drums (2001)
Necrodemon: Drums (2001-2005)
Dementum: Drums (2005-2006 Live)
Astaroth: Drums (2006-2007 Live)
Vike Ragnar: Guitar (2006-2007 Live)

1992-2008 / 2020-….


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